December 9, 2018

How to Save Electricity Cost During Heating and Lighting

For heating, temperature control of the housing must be done, and home automation tools make it easy to perform this check. The insulation of the housing must also be a point of attention: 25% of heat can be saved by efficient insulation.
Finally, it is possible to limit the cost of lighting by opting for low energy bulbs or LEDs, which are much more economical. For comparison: halogen bulbs consume 4 to 5 times more electricity than light bulbs. In turn, low energy bulbs use 10 times more electricity than LED bulbs.

Electrical Appliances – Pay Attention to Energy Costs

Representing 19% of household energy expenditure, electronic appliances are a major consumption item.
The most energy-consuming of all is the refrigerator. Indeed, lit continuously, they consume a lot. To avoid seeing its electricity bills climb, you must first choose a refrigerator (or freezer) among the first categories of energy. These categories are A +++, A ++, A +, A or B. This information is found on the label displayed as soon as the product is purchased. It is possible that devices in these highest energy classes are less affordable than some. This difference will be amortized over the long term (less expensive appliances are more energy demanding). This technique is valid for all household appliances and saves money.

With regard to a computer or household appliances (such as coffee makers) simply putting the appliances on standby or disconnecting them can save money. The number of computer equipment will also influence the weight of monthly electricity bills. For example, a well-equipped family will consume 700 kWh/year, while a less equipped household will only use 400 kWh/year.

It should also be preferred to dry in the open rather than using a dryer: dryers consume twice as much as the washing machine. Cleaning your line cold is also more economical. Though these tips are very relevant, it is equally essential for electricity consumers to opt for a supplier to meet their economic advantage. This is why electricity brokers in Australia, like Monster Electricity, are optimally relevant to negotiate for the best offer tailored to meet your budget.

Some Tips for Hot Water

Water consumption has a significant impact on the energy bills of Australian households in the order of 10% of their bill. One of the best practices is to focus on showers and baths. The household will see its consumption divided by 3.
It is also recommended to set the temperature of the hot water tank between 55 and 60 degrees to reduce your electric bills.


Cooking by limiting electricity expenses:

Cooking is often done, but we do not often think about its impact on monthly electricity consumption. It is important to adopt some reflexes to avoid the increase in its expenses of electricity.

The hobs, for example, deserve a little attention. Indeed, by choosing the right type of hob and adopting the right gestures, it is possible to save money. For example, induction hobs or gas provide good price/performance/energy consumption.
Boil the water in the kettle rather than on the fire, adapt the utensil to the size of the hob, favor the microwave, and turn off the fire a little before the end of cooking.


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