December 19, 2019

4 Reliable Tools that Increases your Internet Security and Privacy

Do you consider internet security as an important part of your life? The answer should be a resounding “Yes” if you are relying on the internet in storing personal or financial data. If you are doing several transactions online, then it is important to protect your data from scammers and other online parasites that might steal your data. Because of this, we have prepared for you a selection of best privacy tools, using which you can reliably protect yourself from strangers!

Webroot: Cybersecurity Solutions 

Company Webroot is widely known for its software solutions in the field of cybersecurity. Usually, you have to pay for her products. But Webroot SecureWeb is an exception. It is a free browser focused on increased user security. The browser checks websites for malware.

It warns about the danger in advance by matching the page you want to get to with a huge database of malicious webroot URLs. Oddly enough, the performance is not affected – the browser takes up little space and runs fast.


Utopia is an ecosystem-based on a peer-to-peer architecture that involves the absence of a single server for data storage. Now each user is the server for storing the data. Access to the server opens a personal key that is generated during an anonymous registration. This key is also the user’s nickname.

In the arsenal of functionality there are such tools as Idyll Browser, built on uNS technology, that is, all sites are already created in the system and users do not need to leave its limits, messenger – an anonymous messenger that securely encrypts every message, uMail – file sharing, allowing you to transfer files and documents of any size and format, uWallet – a wallet that stores the ecosystem’s cryptocurrency – cryptons, which can then be used when paying on the Internet.

Puffin: A Security Browser

Puffin is a very fast American browser with Adobe Flash support. But Flash is not its main advantage. Traffic passing through Puffin is encrypted and routed through cloud servers in the United States and Singapore. Thus, a double effect is achieved. First, using Puffin is safe even on public Wi-Fi networks. Secondly, it is a built-in browser VPN tunnel.

So, Puffin without any add-ons bypasses and regional blocking, like Opera for PC. In general, it is an indispensable thing for fans to dig into the network without restrictions.

Brave: A Security Browser

Brave is another tool focused on security and anonymity. The application has a built-in ad blocker and also blocks tracking scripts. A peculiar feature of the browser is the universally active https Protocol – all traffic that goes through Brave is encrypted.

Quite a relevant feature, given the recent news of a global vulnerability in Wi-Fi. Also, Brave Browser can be considered something of an experiment. The developers of the browser declare the impasse of the current system of internet advertising and create an alternative system to encourage the most visited sites.


Internet security is an integral part of your life if you are using the internet in keeping personal and financial data. The tools that we have presented can help in protecting whatever data you are keeping on the internet. Be sure to use one or all because it will definitely help to increase your security in the internet world. 

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