March 7, 2019

4 Point of Sale Apps for Your Store

Point of sale apps are trending for their ease in managing credit card payments from customers through sellers’ phones. They also manage and keep you up to date on your inventory, monitor sales, and other necessary business activities. The best POS app is the one that suits your budget, is secure, integrates well with your business and is compatible with your device. If you are seeking to get one for your business, here is a compilation of the most popular apps from the market and what they offer:


Square comes highly recommended for startups and small businesses. It is free and has a wide range of additional features. The fact that it combines a credit card processing function, as well as other business management functions, makes it perfect for small businesses. They only charge you 2.75% of the sale amount and 2.9% + .30 of online orders for every credit card transaction you run via the app, and 3.5% for keyed in payments. You neither pay any fees for startup, monthly and cancellation fees, nor any fee for cash payments.
They offer advanced features such as staff and payroll management, social media marketing, gift cards, and loyalty program management for additional fees. In case you are interested in a counter-top setup, you pay for other hardware; otherwise, you run the Square app from your Android or iOS device.


Loyverse is another free POS app that gives you Loyalty Ocean, a free loyalty program. Loyverse suits you if a solid app with a loyalty program is on your priority list. They charge no monthly, startup or cancellation fees. However, they do not process credit card payments; you will have to integrate a credit-card payment service provider such as iZettle and Vantiv, who will charge a processing fee per transaction. It is compatible with Android and iOS so download it and use your device as an e-register.
They also offer staff management at $5 and advanced inventory and purchasing options at $25. You can access peripheral devices compatible with your chosen credit card payment facilitator and Loyverse at a vendor of your choosing.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here is the only POS app that accepts PayPal payments via a mobile device. It suits you if you already accept payment for your online store via PayPal, and would like to extend to managing PayPal payments made in person using your device. Their only catch is that their features are not as extensive as those of other POS apps. They offer credit card processing and no startup, monthly and cancellation costs. Their transaction fees are 2.7% for in-store payments, 2.9% + .30 for online orders and 3.5% + .15 for each keyed in sale.
The biggest plus with PayPal Here is its fast payment compared to other credit card processors. The app is easy to install and start running your business with, but can only manage inventory with a third party plugin.

Shopify POS

Shopify’s point of sale app works great if you want a solution for both online and in-person payments. Their app processes these payments in one efficient system, and from it, you can monitor your inventory and sales stats. You can add it for free to your Shopify store, regardless of your Shopify plan.
Transaction fees are 2.7% for in-store payments and 2.9% + .30 for online payments. Shopify offers you a retail package for $49 per month for any Shopify package, that gives you access to staff management, gift cards, and other business management features.


When seeking to download a POS app, call their customer service to get more information to ensure you make an informed choice. After all, what POS app you end up using will drastically affect the success of your business, so choosing wisely is important.