April 11, 2022

10 Clever Ways to Make Video Using Just a Laptop

Most people believe that to make a video, you need fancy filming equipment. They save up for months to finally buy the camera they think they need. However, real videographers know you do not need to do that to make videos. You can make videos from almost every device, even a simple laptop.

This blog will explain different ways one can make a video using just a laptop:


1. Artificial Intelligence

Worried your laptop cannot handle large video editing software? There are tons of video editing web applications you can access for free. Some of these web apps have even more tools than your average downloadable video editor. One such feature is artificial intelligence. This feature can automate a video for you, according to your topic. They ensure the used videos they use are licensed, and the tool even edits for you. This simplifies your task leaving you with minor to no edits to create a professional video.

2. Live

Videos can be premade, and be live. Live videos or webinars can be started on any platform and device, including your computer. These videos do not require any editing which cuts off half the task. To hold a webinar, we recommend sending out save-the-date emails and social media posts with the link to notify followers of the event.

You can do more casual live streams on social media platforms as well. Your followers will be able to join your life from the top of their social media screen which is prime real estate. They can easily spot it and join in whenever they want to increase your viewer count.

3. Sharing Screen

This type of video has been growing extremely popular. If your video topic is a manual for web applications. This is because the screen shares the entire video and gives a visual representation of what needs to be done to navigate through the app. This makes it easy for the viewers to follow while having a concise video. To make the video more engaging, add a voiceover or some soothing music. This will attract the viewer’s attention and keep them interested in your video content.

4. Laptop Webcam

Nowadays, almost every laptop has a camera on top of its screen. This camera can capture photos or record videos. You do not need to buy a fancy camera to get a professional-looking video. Ensure you have the correct lighting, this will enhance the overall quality of your video content. The light is best when it is illuminated from behind the laptop, onto the subject of your video, or the narrator. Place your laptop in an eye-level position to get the best angles as well. These two pairs can make a lot of difference. Next, you can edit videos using a simple video maker web application if needed.

5. Presentation

Everyone today has used or at least heard of Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides. Both of these applications can be used to create pleasing presentations. These presentations can also be converted to videos. We suggest treating this video as an actual presentation. Have small bullet points in your presentation slides to open a window for your voice-over, or video to explain the rest.

6. Animate Videos

The world loves creatively animated videos. Audience members enjoy the cool transitions and special effects. These features in videos get them engrossed in the video. However, the first time animating a video can be difficult and daunting. You can animate with the help of ‘experts’. Many simple web applications add these enchanting features into your video to enhance the likability of the video. This will help you create interesting videos and hone your skills.

7. Images

Did you know that you can create videos simply from images? Essentially all videos can be broken down into images but we are not talking about that. You can put static images together to create a video. This will be especially useful when creating educational videos. You can use relevant images to help prove or display your point. Explainer stock videos or case study videos especially are suitable for these types of videos. Connect images with your narrations to consistently keep viewers engaged in the material.

8. Video Content

You do not necessarily need to create your videos from scratch to have a professional-looking video. You can use bits and parts of previously existing videos too. Extract the useful and relevant clips of these videos and join them together to make one entire video. This can have an especially good impression on your viewers since the mix and match will allow them only to collect the most important points from all of the videos you have extracted clips from.

You can add voice overs or videos using video editing web apps if your computer cannot support heavy software.

9. Upload Previous Webinars

The only issues with lives and webinars are that they are on time constraints. Many of your fans and followers may miss your lives and webinars even though they are dying to watch them. To provide them access to these lives and webinars, you can record these lives. Many applications such as zoom and Google meet have a recording tool in-built into their software. This makes it convenient for you. Once you have recorded your live, you can upload it to video platforms such as YouTube, IGTV, snippets on Instagram reels, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

10.Recycle Videos

This is a type of video you can make once you have made several videos. You can make a compilation of the videos you have already created. The topics of the videos can be a recap of the week or a certain period. Viewers thoroughly enjoy this kind of video. This is only an example of a topic you can do in this video. You are free to let your creative side run wild and find more innovative ways to recycle videos.


These are only a few of the many ways you can create professional videos using a laptop. You will build confidence as you continue making videos, and as your experience grows you can find more engaging ways to create video content for your viewers simply from the laptop you own now.

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